The Forests of Arnwell - Animated splash art
The Forests of Arnwell - Animated splash art

Hello everyone! I loved doing this animation because I had the opportunity to put several skills and tools into action: biped and quadruped character animation, hair rigging, VFX, color grading and everything else that involves putting this piece in motion. Along with the final result, I did a breakdown showing Rig's content and other techniques. I hope you like the result. Your feedback will be most welcome. Stay safe.
The Forests of Arnwell are regions located in a fantasy world called Alor. Tales, music, arts and more:
Rigging & Animation : Rafael Arame

Concept & Illustration: Beto Lima

Painting Process Time-lapse and more:

Music : The Forests of Arnwell | Manuel P. Pérez

Worldbuilding: Maira Galabard

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